What are the best hotels and casinos in Delhi and Mumbai

Mumbai and Delhi are the two biggest cities in India. In fact, these metropolises are some of the largest in the world in terms of their number of inhabitants. Being so large means that there are many interesting activities that can be done from this place. Those who have tried online slots India in a place like Parimatch might be interested in knowing about what are the best hotels and resorts with casinos in these cities. There are many of them, and here we will explore some of the best options that anybody visiting India, for whatever reason, can enjoy.

In general, all the options that we will talk about now feature a wide range of options to bet and to win. They include multiple forms of entertainment, including games like poker, slot machines, roulette, blackjack and much more. All of them have been eager in creating places that can be as attractive for seasoned and more rookie players. Therefore, no matter how much experience someone has in establishments of this kind. It is always a good idea to pay a visit to their casino if at some moment someone is staying in one of the places that we will list below.

Enjoying the best resorts with casino in the huge Indian metropolises

While the number of activities in giant cities such as Mumbai or Delhi will be huge. Sometimes it is a good idea to take some time to relax, and spend a great time in one of its multiple casinos. This can be especially the case if someone is staying in a hotel that happens to have one of these exciting establishments as one of its amenities. Here we will mention some of the best hotels and resorts with casinos that can be found in Mumbai and Delhi.

  • The Resort Madh-Marve. This is a cost-effective place to stay with great reviews overall. It has a few advantages, such as being located next to Aksa beach, meaning that people will be able to walk there without problems. Also it offers a very interesting casino with lots of interesting games and some potentially huge rewards that people can win from this establishment.
  • Imperial Palace Resort. This is a beautiful resort located next to Vihar lake. It is also a walking distance from different tourist attractions from Mumbai. However, it also has many amenities and interesting aspects of its own, including a spa, swimming pool, and of course a spectacular casino.
  • Brightland Resort and Spa. This is a fantastic place for those who want to enjoy an incredible moment inside the hotel itself. It has many amenities, including a fully-fledged spa service, and of course a fantastic casino with tons of games for everyone to enjoy. It is also located near some interesting cities in the city of Mumbai itself.
  • The Roseate. This is a spectacular place located right next to Delhi Airport. It has free parking, lots of amenities and has been reviewed quite positively by visitors. It also has a highly exciting casino with lots of poker tables, slot machines and other forms of entertainment.
  • Blue Sapphire Motel & Resort. As its name suggests, it is a great place for couples to stay. However, it also offers a casino for having other kinds of entertainment, which also can be highly lucrative. 

As it can be seen from this list, there are many hotels and casinos in Mumbai and Delhi. However, being such large cities, there are many other places that unfortunately needed to be left out of this list.