Introduction to Home Security Robots

During this time of increasing shift to smart home devices, home security keeps getting techier and techier, too. If traditional home security systems, which are monitored by real people day and night, is getting expensive for you, home security robots can provide a cheaper option. These robotic monitoring devices combine sensors, motion detectors and security cameras with artificial intelligence to patrol your home better and assess potential break-ins and emergencies.

Home security robots feature HD cameras and face recognition to build a catalog of “known” people so it can detect intruders. The cameras offer more than a simple feed; it also works hand-in-hand with sensors to identify potential security issues, like if a window was broken. It can also alert you or automatically call a service if there’s abnormal, unexpected changes in temperature and humidity, like for instance when you accidentally left the clothes iron plugged and something’s already smoking. Most robots can also be integrated with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for your convenience.

Here are a few good home security robots you can avail right now:

1. Appbot Riley

The Appbot Riley is substantially cheaper than other home security robots you can find on the market. It is basically a mobile home security camera that can move across floors, carpets and mild terrain. Equipped with HD (720p) video camera, digital zoom, motion sensors, face detectors, two-way audio, snapshot and recording, and mobile app control (via Wi-Fi on iOS and Android devices), this robot can serve as your eyes and ears when you’re away from home. It even comes built-in night vision so it can still see even when the lights are off. When it’s at its dock, its head can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt up and down 120 degrees to be able to see everything. However, Riley can’t self-patrol your house; you’ll need to help this robot through the mobile app and send commands. Also, it can’t talk unlike most robots.

2. UbtechLynx

Ubtech’s Lynx is the first Alexa-enabled, smart home humanoid robot. It does not only check on your home, control your smart home gadgets and answer questions – it can dance, play music, strike yoga poses and even give hugs. This robot can do what Amazon Alexa does, plus a handful of more talents such as: greeting whomever is standing in front of it (through facial recognition), sing and dance on someone’s birthday (through interaction mode), and giving a high-five or a hug (through app control). In terms of surveillance, Lynx can double as a security camera. It detects movement and can record a 30-second, 720p video and send it to your smartphone. Lynx lacks night vision, but its two glowing eyes may be enough to deter intruders.

3. YZ MeE Smart Home Security System

The YZ MeE Smart Home Security System is a remote control driving robot that is designed especially for home surveillance and patrol. It can go anywhere as long as the Wi-Fi signal reaches it. You can set an auto patrol route, and video surveillance (maximum of 1080p) can be viewed live by a maximum of 8 users at the same time. It can run continuously for 3 hours, and can search for the charger base by itself. It is also equipped with night vision and automatic alarm in case of intrusion. If you’re leaving your pets at home and you want to check on them, this robot can let you see your pet and talk to them wherever you are via Wi-Fi.