Sensors in Robotics: Types, Function, and Applications

Types of robot sensors (Light and Sound sensors

In the dynamic field of robotics, the incorporation of sensors has become a game-changing development. Sensors, which are frequently compared to a robot’s senses, are essential to giving machines the capacity to recognize, engage with, and adjust to their surroundings. This article explores the vast world of sensors in robotics, looking at … Read more

Choosing the Right Microcontroller for Your Robot Project

a pic 18f8720 microcontroller in an 80-pin TQFP packag

Category: Robot Hardware Choosing the suitable microcontroller is a crucial choice that may make all the difference in the success of your robotics project, especially in the fast-paced field where innovation is boundless. Whatever level of experience you have with robotics—from beginners to experts—the microcontroller you select will act as the digital … Read more

Reasons Why Robots Need Night Vision

advanced robot

I. Introduction Robots are becoming more popular in recent years, and their popularity is mainly attributed to their versatility when it comes to making processes faster in various industries and varied purposes. Robots are also being used for espionage or spy missions, as they can be smaller in size compared to human … Read more

What is a Servo Motor?

basic servo motor

In order for a machine to work properly, it would need specific parts that are designed to give it movement by communicating with other parts to move in a uniform manner. One of those specific parts is the servo motor, which acts as an actuator that controls the angular and linear movements … Read more

What is an Actuator?

Machines consist of dozens or hundreds of different parts that serve different purposes, but one of the most important parts that every machine should have is the actuator. Without the actuator, the other parts of a robot or a machine would basically be useless. So, what does an actuator do? And why … Read more

What are the Basic Elements of Robots?

electric components

Nowadays, robots have become more widespread as they have made our lives easy by helping us in different fields such as mathematics, science, computer programming, space exploration, etc. They have proven to be beneficial in the industrial sector, where many things are made with the help of robots. Robots are machines that … Read more

What Are the Primary Mechanical Components of a Robot?

What Are the Primary Mechanical Components of a Robot?

A robot consists of the following components: mechanical structure, transmissions, actuators, sensors, and controller. Although the components used in the robots are not exclusive to these (machine tools and many other machines use similar technologies), the high performances that are demanded of the robots require that they use components with specific functions. … Read more