The Top Sci-Fi Books About Robots

high-angle photo of a robot

Science fiction featuring robots has always been a popular genre among readers. Science fiction of this kind blends compelling characters with some of the philosophical issues surrounding robots and AI. This list includes a variety of more recent genre works in addition to some of the most significant science fiction classics in … Read more

The Best Robot Movies of All Time

Italian Movie: The Mechanical Man

Robots have always fascinated, terrified, and inspired people in the fascinating world of film. The silver screen has presented us with a diverse assortment of robot characters who have made a lasting impression on our minds, from mechanical wonders to cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Let us explore the world of robotics in movies … Read more

Who was Isaac Asimov and Why Was He Important to Robotics?

Isaac Asimov portrait

In the realm of science fiction, there are always two names that will come up in fans’ minds when they are asked who the greatest sci-fi writers of all time are, and these names are Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. Isaac Asimov is widely regarded as one of the most important … Read more

I, Robot: Full Movie Review

I, Robot movie review

There are various movies out there which stories revolve around robots. One of the most popular is I, Robot. It is a 2004 sci-fi action film directed by Alex Proyas. It is from a screen story by Vintar, which was based on his screenplay called Hardwired, and also suggested by the 1950 … Read more

Best Netflix Shows on Robots

man and woman watching Netflix on TV

If you are a tech enthusiast, then watching an exciting show or movie that tries to explore deep into the technology with stunning storylines and visual effects is one of the best things you can do, right? This is true, especially if you love robots or rampaging AI, or if you have … Read more