Tech In The Kitchen – How Restaurants Are Going Digital

Like all other domains, hospitality is also going through digital transformation. Technology is entering modern restaurant kitchens in more than one way. Whether you run a cloud kitchen, a live counter, a fast-food chain, or a fine-dining restaurant, you cannot imagine moving ahead without technology. Before making a tech investment, you will want to know all about the latest innovations so that you can pick the right solutions to modernize your business. Let us explain how restaurants are going digital.

Robotic chefs

As the pandemic is here, customers want to minimize human contact. It comes as no surprise that robotic chefs are taking over some of the roles in modern kitchens. While they cannot replace human chefs completely, robots are being employed to automate simple and repetitive tasks such as cutting and chopping, cleaning, and order management. The combination of human skills and automation is enabling restaurants to speed up food preparation and optimize order delivery.

Digital recipes

Even the best chefs cannot have recipes at their fingertips, so accessing cookbooks is something they need to do every day. The new tech offers innovative recipe manager tools that let chefs manage their recipes, create custom cookbooks, share the recipes with others, and even access nutritional information if guests have concerns about them. You can check to understand how the application works. The tool isn’t just useful for professional chefs but also popular among home cooks.

Kitchen display systems

Another innovation making it big in the industry is Kitchen Display Systems, which go a long way in maintaining consistency and enhancing efficiency. The application enables seamless communication between the kitchen staff and customer-facing employees. It also manages dine-in, online, and third-party aggregator orders to ensure that nothing is missed. Once you have the system in place, you need not worry about consistency levels in food preparation. It also keeps you one step ahead of the inventory levels.

Automated appliances

Home automation is no longer confined to homes, as restaurant owners are fast-embracing smart appliances and devices for their kitchens. While smart appliances may require a hefty investment, it is just a small price to pay to smarten up your kitchen with the latest sensor technologies. You have refrigerators that control the temperature automatically, ovens that stop running when they sense the food reaching a higher-than-optimal temperature, and dishwashers that curb the wastage of water.

Self-ordering kiosks

Even as self-ordering kiosks have more to do with guest-facing operations, they keep the kitchen staff updated with the order requirements in real-time. The staff can speed up the process and ensure that customers need not queue up. The technology becomes all the more significant in the pandemic era when drive-through and pickup are the preferred operational models for restaurants. Investing in kiosks makes the entire process contactless and enhances the customer experience as well.

Embracing the latest kitchen tech is the only way to make your restaurant future-ready. It can smarten up operations and ensure that your business meets the expectations of the consumers. There is no reason to miss out on this investment!