MeArm DIY Arduino Robot Arm Kit with MeCon Pro Motion Control Software

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Product Description

ArmUno A1HD Red Arduino and MeArm Compatible Robot Arm Kit includes Servo motors, Structural plywood pieces and all Fasteners needed for assembly Plus CD rom with MeCon and JoyCon Software and Arduino Source Code. ArmUno is a low cost open-source robotic arm that provides a great introduction to industrial robotics and motion control concepts. the ArmUno can be controlled by popular micro controllers such as an Arduino or Raspberry pi and uses 4 hobby servos for motion. Make your own desktop size 4-axis parallel-mechanism Mini Industrial Robotic Factory Arm! This kit features a quick start CD-rom full of information and makes a great educational resource kit for robotics and micro controllers. Includes MeCon Pro (with motion path capture and record) win7 GUI motion control app and Arduino source code to get your robotic arm making moves right away! – PRECISION LASER CUT PLYWOOD PIECES – 3MM NUTS AND BOLT FASTENERS 4- SERVO MOTORS – 1- AA BATTERY HOLDER 1- LASER CUT WRENCH TO HELP WITH ASSEMBLY 1- MeCon PRO MOTION CONTROL AND RECORD GUI WIN SOFTWARE AND ARDUINO SOURCE CODE 1- CD ROM Resource list with links to design files , source code and other related information to help you learn and use your robot arm. ** Arduino micro-controller not included **. MeCon and JoyCon Motion control software created by MicroBotLabs. Original MeArm open hardware design created by Benjamin Gray at Phenoptix.