How AI is Transforming Education

How does the average student look like compared to the one from the 2000s?

Could you remember how the students used to look like around 20 years ago? Probably, these were the strongest people on Earth as every day of their life they had to carry tons of stuff like books, notebooks, writing supplies and many other things. Not only was it uncomfortable and inconvenient, it also meant nothing good for the student`s health, considering the fact that people began to face this problem in the primary school and by the age of 17 or 20, many of them would have some serious back and neck issues like scoliosis followed by the strict doctor`s prescription forbidding them to carry heavy things.

To solve this problem, the IT specialists began developing compact devices to keep the reading materials and notes in one place as an alternative to the heavy books and notebooks.

As a result, what the modern students carry in their bags are ultra-light laptops, tablets, smartphones, various charging devices, and USB adaptors. And of course, sometimes, when we are struggling with some of our assignments, due to the lack of time of knowledge, we can always find a well-trained group of professionals to make them for us like CustomWritings, which would be unheard of or unacceptable several decades ago.

We Spend Most of Our Time Using Computers

The huge evolutionary step that we made from using paper to using computers changed our life completely. Today, we are using computers most of our time. Of course, we do not mean the classical ones, but smartphones, digital watches, smart-TVs, laptops, tablets, PCs, and many other things. It is hard to imagine any person in 2020 to leave home without any kind of electronic device. Even when we step out to make a grocery shopping, we take our phone to pay with PayPass.

When speaking of the modern student’s desk, it would barely contain anything made of paper. Most likely, the average student of today would read from the e-reader or tablet and make his/her notes on the laptop or the other way around.

We Can Study Anywhere Anytime

As long as the constant AI progress gives the opportunity to have all of our studying in our devices, we get the chance to study and work from any corner of the planet and at any time. For example, instead of working on the term paper somewhere in the college library, we can sit somewhere on the Mediterranean beach, get inspiration from the beautiful sea and get the reading resources from the digital libraries.

For this reason, we can say that we became more efficient and productive now that we can skip this exhausting process of finding the right books in the library and writing everything manually. We can contact our tutors without running the marathons around the campuses looking for them, but by sending them an email and scheduling the appointment. We can stop spending money and trees for printing and using the digital version of the documents instead. You can ask your tutor or colleague to give you advice on your work by giving them access to edit your document online and this will spare your time.

The Era of Distant Education

Since all the studying is now on computers, it started the new segment of the market online education. This means that you can now study anything from dancing and learning any foreign language in the world to neuroscience and nuclear physics without leaving your home. Along with the incredible variety of free courses in different directions, one can even study for an academic degree.

What sounded absolutely crazy a little more than a decade ago is now an absolute mainstream. The most prestigious universities in the world are now doing their best to release as many distant studying programs as possible.

This made a great impact on spreading the word knowledge around the world. What used to be unachievable for many people around the world just because of their financial status or location is now several clicks away.

Just imagine that today, no matter where you are located, you can study in the greatest universities in the world like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, etc.

Therefore, not only the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning gave us the opportunity to keep our health safe by letting us stop caring tons of paper with us, it gave every one of us the world to discover.