Do You Need a Tractor For Your Acreage?

If you own a large acreage of land and want to put it to some productive work, a tractor is your utmost requirement. A tractor’s physical structure is made for doing heavy tasks like lifting or moving heavy objects and also for other cultivating work. 

However, getting a tractor is not like buying any random equipment. You’ll be investing a big sum of money; hence, the decision needs to be thought through. 

To get the right model, you will need to do a lot of background research, such as going through different models and their features, etc. You can check out models like John Deere 3020 at to understand the vehicle better and get your hands on the suitable model. 

If you are confused about whether you need a tractor for your acreage or not, this guide will help you make the decision. Therefore, make sure to scroll till the end to know the various uses of a tractor and its benefits. 

Makes cultivating easy 

If you are a farm owner, a tractor for your acreage is an absolute necessity. The tractor makes plowing and planting seeds quite easy for farmers. 

Additionally, a tractor will save a lot of time and energy. Hence, you can increase your production quality and quantity with tools like an auger, manure, etc. 

The tractor is important for mowing 

Mowing heavy bush is one of the common factors you need a tractor for. If you are getting a mower attachment, ensure that it matches your tractor’s horsepower for smooth functioning. 

A five to six feet wide brush hog is ideal for efficient mowing. You can also get a finished mower if you want faster trimming of your acreages, such as the golf course or your lawn. 

A tractor makes clearing land effortless 

In case your land requires heavy lifting like moving rocks or trees or clearing pastures and other debris, a tractor is a must. A tractor has the capacity to move, pull or lift heavy objects and makes these tasks easier for you. 

You can get a gas-powered winch, 12-volt electric winch, or a power take-off winch, depending on your budget and how much lifting or pulling capacity you need. 

The front-end loaders will help you lift, carry or push logs or bush. On the other hand, a rear carrier helps you with heavy lifting and carrying. 

For landscaping 

If you are planning to make a pond or planting shrubs, a tractor is your utmost priority. It will help you with all the moving, lifting, and clearing of land.

If you are planting numerous shrubs, a post-hole auger is what you need. For building small ponds or sculpting the ground, you will need the front-end loaders and the rear carrier. 

For building fences 

If you are building a fence in your land, a tractor is worth considering. It will help you with all the tasks such as carrying iron posts, rolls of fence, corner posts, fence stretcher, and the like. 


You definitely need a tractor if you are planning to use your land for harvesting. The tractor helps in multiple ways in this task. 

Mowers, square baling machines, and hay rakes will help you with your harvesting. Moreover, you will need a tractor to take your bounty back home in the reaping season. Depending on your crop type, you can invest in different types of equipment. 

Helps you with the firewood 

A tractor helps you with hauling, cutting, spitting, and lifting firewood. A tractor is easy to navigate through the woods and carry the firewood to the destination. 

An easy way to shift firewood is by cutting them into manageable lengths and loading them on the trailer. Tractors also come with splitters which are operated with the help of the tractor’s PTO or hydraulics. If you need a tractor for splitting firewood, consider buying one that is powered with a firewood processor.  

Concluding words 

Listed above were some of the situations where a tractor can be your reliable companion. It helps you with difficult tasks like heavy lifting, moving, mowing, etc. 

Hopefully, this article could help you make up your mind regarding the purchase of a tractor. If you have anything more to ask, leave a comment below!