Best Netflix Shows on Robots

If you are a tech enthusiast, then watching an exciting show or movie that tries to explore deep into the technology with stunning storylines and visual effects is one of the best things you can do, right? This is true, especially if you love robots or rampaging AI, or if you have a thing for mechs or androids with hears of gold.

However, it is sometimes challenging to find a good TV show or movie about robots. If you want to watch one, you’re in the right place. We have compiled here some of the critically acclaimed and best Netflix shows on robots that you can watch. All of these are robots, and AI-based shows that you can enjoy when you do not have anything else to do at home.


a gray and white robot

Love, Death & Robots

This is a Netflix series that has an excellent idea. It takes sci-fi stories and connects them into an anthology of animated short stories. Love, Death & Robots focuses on thoughtful science fiction by famous authors, such as Alastair Reynolds and Peter F. Hamilton. It features outstanding visual effects. It is intended for mature audiences as it involves sex and violence, but its depiction of AI and other sci-fi explorations through the stories will make you feel excited to watch the next episodes.

Next Gen

Next Gen is an animated sci-fi film that you can watch on Netflix. It is about a girl named Mai Su meeting a robot called 7723 after an accident. To finish a dangerous challenge in the form of corporate control, they must work together.

Lost in Space

There have been two Lost in Space adaptations, but Netflix’s series is based on the 1965 original. It is about the Robinson family being sent into deep space to colonize the Alpha Centaury System after a disaster on Earth. When they crash land, they need to come to terms with themselves and their interpersonal issues, all while being guided by a robot.

Kill Command

Kill Command is a 2016 British sci-fi film about what happens when drone technology becomes perceptive. It follows a group of marines who were dropped off on a remote island to train against state-of-the-art technology. When they arrived, they discovered the AI has gone rogue, and all hell breaks loose. This movie features really cool robot designs, and it is also very action-oriented.


If you are searching for a robot Netflix show that would make you cry, then Chappie is perfect. It is a sci-fi film set in South Africa where robots are used as law enforcement agents to help heal with a huge increase in crime. Chappie, an experimental version of the robots, is kidnapped by local criminals. To protect his newfound family, the robot needs to learn how to self-actualize.

Ex Machina

This is a great show to watch when it comes to robot sci-fi that questions the darker aspects of human nature. Ex Machine is written and directed by Alex Garland. It is about a programmer named Caleb who meets the CEO of his company on a secret island. He was required to monitor a robot named Ava, in which he becomes so smitten with her intricacy that he falls hopelessly in love.

I Am Mother

This Netflix show is about a teenage girl raised by a robot that was made for the purpose of repopulating the earth in case of human extinction. It is a series that dramatizes the concept of AI. Its plot contemplates how AI might interpret goodness in a world where humans are driving themselves towards extinction.

Orphan Black

This is a sci-fi Netflix show that has secret plots and counterplots with twists. It is about the story of Tatiana Maslany’s characters, who are clones. The actress has slid into as many as eleven characters throughout the series, all of which are clones of each other having different personalities. And these clones are robots. It is how the show portrays the AI applications and raises questions about the technology.

Altered Carbon

This is an American cyberpunk web series that is inspired by a book of the same title. The events in this Netflix series take place 360 years into the future, where new technology has transformed the world. It led human bodies to be just a shell, and death no longer being permanent. It has showcased the implications of several new technologies along with AI.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

This might be a weird show on Netflix, but it can be appreciated by sci-fi fans. It is about the genetically engineered Ledo and his sentient mech Chamber after crashing on a far-future Earth. For thousands of years, Ledo and the rest of humanity have been living on floating colonies and fighting against a giant space squid. All of them think that Earth was destroyed. When he arrived and discovered that Earth is a thriving water world, he and Chamber rediscover what it means to be human. It is a great show for those who love biopunk, space pirates, and crazy world-building.

These are some of the best Netflix shows on robots that we can recommend. All of these shows will surely make you want to watch more and learn more about robots and artificial intelligence.