Unusual Robot Design Ideas

Are you a tech enthusiast? Do you spend most of your time thinking about bots and evolution in technology? Then let talk about some of the most unusual robot design ideas that will leave you astonished. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you will certainly be amazed by looking at these proficient robots.

We think these mechanical monsters will mold the future, making our lives easier.

We have listed down 10 of the best robot design ideas that are smart and physically capable enough to make their way out of the factories. Some of them even leap among us.

1. Ballie by Samsung

Ballie– a spherical robot that looks like grapefruit, is Samsung’s “vision of a robot as a life companion.” Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a built-in camera,Ballie rolls around the house.

The little ball-shaped bot can recognize its owner and follow his commands just like a pet dog. Also, it can be used as a fitness assistant and even as a remote control for smart devices. You can consider it as your tiny butler. If Ballie’s camera detects a spill, it will send the robot to clean over.

What can be more cute than watching this bright-colored ball playfully following its owner around the house?

2. Sophia


Sophia, by Hanson Robotics, is a human-like robot that is capable of answering a multitude of questions. It personifies the dreams for the future of AI.

Sophia has made her appearances on many shows, including “The Jimmy Fallon Show,”“Tonight Show,” and “Good Morning Britain.” Interestingly, she spoke at many conferences all over the world too.

Sophia is the first robot to get official citizenship in Saudi Arabia and the United Nations title of “Innovation Champion.”

Did you ever imagine having a conversation with a robot?

3. BellaBot by PuduTech

BellaBot is an innovation of a Shenzhen-based company called PuduTech. This anonymous food-delivery robot is a solution for understaffed restaurants. The bot has a head of a cat with a body comprised of shelves that can carry 10 kilograms of restaurant orders.

The cat-looking bot can deliver the orders to the waiting customers by using a combination of cameras and sensors to avoid any obstacles. Cat-waiter-bot meows to announce its arrival; thereby, customers can collect their orders. A pat on the head or scratch on ears makes the bot purr in excitement.

Who would have thought of cat-bot serving us at a restaurant?

4. Aibo by Sony

Aibo by Sony

Aibo is a robotic dog that can recognize his owner’s face and learn new tricks. It is capable of detecting smiles and words of praise. The dog is programmed to develop its unique personality through everyday interactions, which evolves with time.

With a wide range of sensors, actuators, and cameras, Sony was able to bring Aibo to life. You will fall in love with its natural expressions and bursting energy. This little puppy-bot tends to get closer and comfortable to those who are nice and friendly.

Isn’t it incredible to have a pet that can stay with you forever?

5. Relay by Savioke

Relay is an autonomous delivery robot developed to perform in crowded places alongside people. It can work in hospitals, hotels, and other public places.

From delivering food and beverages to toothbrushes and linen to your hotel room, Relay can handle all this quickly and safely – that too, without any tip! You may also find one operating an elevator.

6. Z-Machines

If you are yet not impressed with the robots mentioned above, Z-Machines will surprise you! Imagine attending a concert where robots are performing; that’s exactly what “Z-Machines” is. It is a music performing band comprising a guitarist with 78 fingers, a robotic drummer with 22 arms, and a keyboardist.

Warp Records, a record label, even plans on releasing an album performed by the band. It is truly the future of live music. Each of the band bots is programmed to play with strong efficacy.

The robots are taking over, don’t you think so?

7. Colossus by Shark Robotics

Colossus by Shark Robotics

Colossus by Shark Robots is a versatile remote-controlled robot, created to support firefighters. It can extinguish the fire with its high-pressure water cannon and powerful all-terrain treads. This super robot can also clear away debris and evacuate victims.

Some of its functions include:

  • Going upstairs
  • Taking pictures
  • Piloting up to 300 meters
  • Storing GPS positions
  • Reporting a zoomed image on a control touchpad

This one is a great addition to the robotic evolution!Isn’t it?

8. Leka

Leka is a robot designed to play with autistic children. It has changed the way kids with developmental disabilities learn, play, and progress. Through its monitoring platform, Leka has made it easier for parents to communicate with their children more efficiently. It is also programmed to provide vital feedback to parents and therapists on the child’s progress.

Its ball-shaped face changes expressions, and it can interact with children using sound, lights, and colors. Special-needs children can better understand social and visual cues with Leka.

In 2014, it won the Grand Prize at the Robot Launch competition for the robotic toy set. We are so delighted to know about Leka that can help exceptional children all around the world.

9. Samsung Bot Care

This robot by Samsung can perform several tasks, such as reminding you to take your medicine and monitoring your heart rate. In case of emergencies, the Bot Care can call emergency services for help. The glossy white bot with a screen not only displays the robot’s emotions but also provides information on the owner’s vital statistics.

It offers exercises and stretching guidance while monitoring the sleep patterns of the owner too. Very interestingly, you can check your blood pressure by placing your finger on the screen.

You can even send reports to your loved ones who would be concerned about your health.

Do you know someone who needs this? Or, if you have an elderly, you need to check on remotely? This is the solution.

10. Star ship

Star ship

Starship is a six-wheeled ground robot designed for navigating streets and sidewalks autonomously. Businesses can use it for product delivery within a four-mile radius. This is an interesting alternative to delivery drones designed to be safe and robust for delivering packages to consumers.

Starship has partnered with many stores and restaurants to make local delivery more cost-efficient and smarter. It will conveniently revolutionize deliveries.

After placing the order, consumers can monitor the entire journey and location of the wheeled-bot on their smartphone.

Placing an order and tracking it is now on your fingertips!

The World of Tomorrow

Some may argue that the bots will replace humans, making us dependent emotionally and physically. Whether a blessing or a curse, it is exciting to see the existence of these dream machines. We are sure you would agree that technology has made our lives much simpler and enabled us to do things more quickly.

We will witness more of these robots in the future with different features imitating human behavior. Companies have continued to create humanoid robots, and the time isn’t too far when it would be difficult for us to tell them apart from “real” people.

You may welcome our future robot overlords considering the facilities and convenience they offer.  The technology is improving and will be much better shortly, making it easier to convert ideas into reality.