Top 7 Benefits of using a Table Tennis Robot

A couple of years back, if someone would have said that I practice on table tennis with a robot, I would not have taken the player seriously. Back then, the robots were not that advance to facilitate any serious practice and at the same time, were super costly.

However, with the wide-scale popularity of table tennis in recent times, the cost of owning a table tennis robot has come down significantly. You can get your hands on a beginner robot for as low as $100, while a professional top-of-the-line robot would set you back at least $2000.

Advantage of using a Table Tennis Robot

A table tennis robot is an excellent alternative to a regular training partner and can help you improve your game without the need of stepping out of the home. And the best part is, its suited for all types of players from beginners to advance.

If you are pursuing table tennis at a professional level, you need all the practice possible. What is the biggest obstacle here? As a two player game, getting a partner with the same expertise is the challenge. If you are wishing to improve your skills and want to take your performance to the next level then you are going to need the partner and table tennis robot is the one. Alternatively, if it is fitness you crave, the robot never gets tired and will surely bring out the best in you.

Now let us take you into the world of Table Tennis Robot and how it can be beneficial for us.

1. Cardio Exercise

Practicing on the robot is an excellent alternative to a cardio workout. A typical 10 minutes practice on medium-fast mode can set your heart beating at as high as 150 heart beats/min.

2. Suits all level of players

Table tennis robots are designed to suit the needs of players from different experience levels.  The multiple feature programming allows different levels of players to participate in the game such as beginner, weekend player, junior player or professional circuit player.

3. Stay Fit and Lose Weight

A typical 10 min training on the robot results in a loss of 100 calories. The figure may go higher if you practice expert level drills. Additionally, the varied ball placement and ball pace, requires to move your body swiftly, giving your body a full workout.

During this practice, the rate of your heart increases and starts pumping more blood, which in turn deepens your breath and increases the capacity of lungs. The exercise keeps your heart stronger, and your body fitter.

Now imagine swinging your arms to hit a backhand topspin or backspin, you will notice that the muscles of your lower and upper body are stretched to the maximum. The balls are thrown at different angles keeping your body agile and balanced at the same time. With time you will feel the strengthening in the muscles

If you are also looking to lose some weight, this is the best way possible.  The more you play the more calories you will lose. A professional player can lose up to 800 calories per match and an entry-level player can lose around 300 calories in an hour.

4.  Improved mental health

Today all of us lead a very stressful life. The millennial gen is looking out for multiple ways to relax and distress.  Playing table tennis not only is effective for our body but helps us in relaxing too. If you are feeling depressed or stressed at work, it is one of the best ways to improve your mental health. It also stimulates the brain to release several happy hormones like dopamine.

5. Improves your concentration power

Concentration is the key to finessing a game.  When added with continuous practice, it can surely help you master the art of table tennis. The more you repeat and the more you practice your game with the table tennis robot, the better your focus and concentration will be in the future.

6.  Fun with practice

It’s fun to play! No matter what type of player you are but when you start playing and start moving, it is great fun. It drastically changes your mood when the balls start coming your way. Your friends will start noticing your improvement when you practice daily and become a pro at it.  It is a good investment of your time and money which contributes to improving your skills, health and brain power.

7. Builds hand-eye coordination

Hands and eye concentration is one of the toughest challenges to build in later years. But with table tennis, you can work on to improve it. Table tennis is all about hand-eye coordination as the balls move and you need to respond quickly to hit the ball back. These kinds of activities stimulate the part of the brain which is responsible for the movement. Regular practice makes it more flexible and strengthens the parts of the mind and body simultaneously.


Table Tennis Robots can not only help you improve your game but also help in improving fitness and is a great fun-to-do activity. The robots are priced as low as $100 to as high as $2000 but worth every penny. While choosing a robot, you must decide on your requirement and future aspirations and take the final call.