How to Maintain your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t have to worry about spending most of your time vacuuming the entire floor surface of your house, during your cleaning time. Thanks to the advanced technology which grows and evolves every single day, there is now a product called Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which will do the floor vacuuming for you. By just pressing a button or two on this product, it will start doing its job very efficient and well, compared to the conventional vacuum cleaner. One good thing about most of the models of this product, is that it is self-sufficient, which means you don’t have to stay and control it so that it can do its job. You can go on with your daily activities and just leave this product to clean your floor without worrying, since it will automatically turn off and stay in one place when it has already done its job.

How long a thing last depends on how you treat it. Just like most of the things you can find in your house, this Robot vacuum cleaner requires proper care and maintenance, so that it will last long. If you just got this product and have no idea on how to take care of it, this article will help you gain some knowledge and ideas on how to properly maintain you Robot vacuum cleaner.

Important Tips

In order to help you maximize the use of the device, here are some tips that you can do:

Read the Manual Carefully

Before using this product, it is essential that you read carefully the instructions manual so that you’ll know what to do by reading the instructions written. Included also in the manual is the machine’s procedures and safety precautions, so it’s very important that you know it first before using the product immediately. Since robot vacuum cleaners are self-sufficient, it is considered as a sensitive device and therefore should be taken care of properly.

Check the Battery

The battery is what keeps this product going. So, it is also essential that you check the battery once in a while. It is important to check the battery of this product if it’s fully charged or of it the batteries are going low in order to know when you need to change the battery or if the robotic vacuum itself needs to be charged. Always remember that in order to take care of the lifespan of your robot vacuum, it is important that you monitor the batteries.

Don’t overuse

As much as we want to keep our floors clean all the time, we shouldn’t rely on our robot vacuum cleaners to always do the job for us. Robot vacuum cleaners also have limits, so it is very important that we do not overuse it, if we want it to last long. Turn off your robotic vacuum cleaner immediately after it finished cleaning the floors of your entire house.

Remove unnecessary objects on your floor

This robot vacuum cleaner takes away the dust and dirt on your floor, but it cannot remove any solid trash. Before turning it on and let it do its job, be sure that you pick up all the large or solid trash on your floor so that it will not hinder the device when it starts cleaning. Remember that this device only absorbs dust and dirt on your floor.


After you bought your first robot vacuum cleaner, it is important that you stay in touch with its manufacturer so that you’ll be aware if there are any software updates available for your robotic vacuum.

Robotic Vacuum Parts

It is also very important to check on the parts of your robot vacuum cleaners, like:


This part is what keeps your robot vacuum from roaming your house and keeping your entire floor clean, so it’s very important that you check on it once in a while. To keep the wheels of your robotic vacuum spinning, make sure that there aren’t any hairs or threads wrapping around its axles, since it can damage the wheels. If ever there are hairs or threads, you can use a utility knife to cut it free.

Next thing to do is to check if there is anything stuck on the wheel itself. If you find something stuck on it, you can wipe it out with a damp cloth. Clean wheels are very important for this product since it provides better traction and prevent getting the motor an extra strain.

Main Brush

All robot vacuum cleaners have at least one main brush part which pulls the dirt and hair into the dust cup. Like the wheels, this part of your robotic vacuum can also get entangled with hair, threads or strings. So it is important to check the main brush after every use, and cut away anything that is wrapped around it.

If the instruction manual says you can remove the main brush, remove it once a month so you can hand wash it in warm water and dish soap. Let it rinse and dry fully before you put it back into the vacuum.

Side Brushes

Compared to the main brush, the side brushes of your robot vacuum cleaner are smaller. These are used to pull debris and hand it over to the main brush’s reach. So, these brushes need some extra care to keep working well.

After a while, these brushes may become warped or tangled, but you have nothing to worry since you can straighten them back out. You just have to heat the plastic bristles for a few seconds with a blow dryer which is set on high. And when they’re warm, using your fingers, you coax the bristles back into position. Hold the bristles in their position for a few seconds until they cool, since it will set them in place.

Getting a robot vacuum cleaner will definitely help you in cleaning your house, that’s why it is important that you give it proper care and maintenance so it will last long. You should be smart about how you use your robotic vacuum so you can ensure to use it in its maximum.