California Transhumanist Party launches AI-based e-democracy

California Transhumanist Party launches e-referendum moderated by AI

California Transhumanist Party has launched the first-ever e-referendum moderated by Artificial Intelligence, regarding the COVID-related crisis and racial riots.

U.S. citizens can vote online on the following issues:

  1. Should the government keep Universal Basic income, introduced to Americans as a “stimulus package” during the COVID-related crisis?
  2. Should the government impose a higher income tax on the wealthy individuals in order to pay the Universal Basic Salary to US citizens?
  3. Should we have free universal medical care?

Inessa Lee, Chief Ideologist of California Transhumanist Party, believes that racial riots can be stopped by establishing socioeconomic equality, and the e-referendum is just the beginning of the process.

“This e-referendum is our first step in establishing electronic democracy, where every citizen becomes a part of collective decision-making process,” said Newton Lee, Chairman of California Transhumanist Party.

The online referendum is part of the Uplift research project on e-governance. Its goal is uplifting humanity through digital transformation, collective superintelligence, and e-democracy.

The votes will be processed by mASI (Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence) – the first AI governance system developed by David J Kelley, Principal Researcher at AGI Laboratory.

Vote now: