What’s All the Fuss About the British Shorthair Cat

For any YouTube or Instagram enthusiasts, following any cat lovers page will eventually lead to one unique and popular one, that has been making waves over the past couple of years – The British Shorthair Cat. Dozens of memes have been uploaded to the internet about them and awards have been won by pet owners of them.

This is one of those animals that just happen to have everything anyone has ever wanted in a pet. A chubby body, a big smile on his face, short hair, and striking blueish-silver fur. Do you see what we mean?  Here is some further information for you about their coat and coloring.

If you looking for all this and more, we have the perfect piece of literature for you below, to help you out with “knowing” your pet before going to the pet store to buy one.

The Shorthair

One of the oldest breeds of cats found on the British land, this short hair cat, was supposedly brought to Victorian England during the times of the Romans, via their ships. Where they kept them to help get rid of rodents. Owners often dub them “the shorthair”, they are thought to be good street cats and just as good hunters.

Once the advent of breeding began, they increased in numbers and became what we know as these cuddly, toy-like creatures, that we keep as pets in our homes.  But what’s so fascinating about them and what should you know to be well-prepped before adopting one? Read on.

All the Fuss About the British Shorthair Cat

What Are They Like?

Wondering if they’re a friendly bunch? These guys are possibly one of the most relaxed and chilled cats on the face of the earth. They are calm, easygoing, have a quiet temperament, and go about their day as if nothing phases them.

They do become attached to their adopted family, which is a good thing. In other words, they know where home is. You can buy them, or adopt them from online sources https://cattime.com/cat-breeds/british-shorthair-cats or per owners. Even though they look and feel very cuddly, they aren’t. they much prefer hanging out next to you on your bed or the couch but not being smothered. Although they can easily gain your trust and one will figure this out when they start purring while sitting next to you.

Unlike many older breed cats, these guys have a playful streak to them hey are not hyper or destructive but rather enjoy playing with items on the floor or your person.  However, they will do this for very long as they can be a bit lazy so need slight encouragement from time to time.

Other Types of Shorthair

Even though their coats are mainly this blueish-silver color, which is the most known variant of them, you do get breeds that differ in their outer coating and have patterns too. Examples are the silver coat, the blue-cream calico coat, seal point with a white coat, fawn and white bicolor coat, lilac, and a golden shade as well.

The eyes of this beautiful breed, are also different variations, from sapphire, blue-green, to green and sometimes a gold or copper color as well.

Health and Nutrition

Regarding their health, these are one of those breeds that have no-known diseases specific to it, but it always advisable to take him or her to vet for regular check-ups in any case. Their cuddly sizes are prone to becoming obese and need to be fed carefully and put on a strict diet otherwise you risk them getting mobility issues and joint pain.

Because they love to eat, what you give them will matter the most. When buying food for them make sure you read the food labels to check what the manufacturers’ instructions are regarding how much to feed them. You can use an automatic feeder, that way it keeps them from binge eating throughout the day.

In the end, getting one is just as much fun as getting any other pet. Make sure you try and keep them indoors not only to protect them from predators but also from catching any disease. These cats can cost a bit of money, some can sell for up to $2000, so you should make sure you look after them if your planning on having them as your companion.