Top Solar Robot Kits

A solar robot kit is a great gift idea for a science-loving kid. Not only would he get a techy item he would surely be interested in, but he would also have the chance to build it on his own with little or no tools and no batteries required. Plus, solar power is the future, so it’s just right if your kid would get acquainted to it by now.

These are some of top rated solar robot kits in the market:

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot1. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

This solar-powered robot can be transformed into 14 different models. For beginners, kids can try building a floating boat, a crawling beetle or a tail-wagging dog. Experienced robot builders can set their hands to form a slither robot, a walking crab, a surf bot or a zombie chaser, to name a few. The robot works on land and water, and has an adjustable polarity to change direction. The kit consists of a highly-detailed instruction manual and strong, durable plastic materials including four sheets punch-out parts, boat parts, solar panels, four tires, two wires, two gears, and a decal sticker sheet. It’s a great gift for kids to train them in hands-on robot building while learning about renewable energy. The OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot is one of the best robot kits you can find.

OWI Educational 6-in-1 Solar Robot2. OWI Educational 6-in-1 Solar Robot

An excellent beginner building set, OWI Educational 6-in-1 solar robot kit is designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. By snapping together its 21 parts, you can make six different creations: a car, a plane, a puppy, an air boat, a windmill and a revolving plane. Your finished product will fit just right in the palm of your hand. For best results, use it outside in direct sunlight; but if you want to use it indoors, it’s not a problem because it can be powered by a 50-watt halogen lightbulb.

OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot3. OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot

If your children are glued to their gadgets, give them an opportunity to get them outside to play with OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot. With bigger parts, a younger child can be involved with building if for quality robot fun. You and your kids can transform this into one of four different models: a T-rex dinosaur, a typical bipedal robot, a six-legged insect and a drill vehicle. The mechanics work great, plus it is really affordable – a unique gift for children that does not have to cost you too much.

TYR Solar Powered Grasshopper4. Solar Powered Grasshopper

Using less than ten parts, you can build this solar powered grasshopper in no time. Just build it under the sun and you’d see the grasshopper come to life with wiggling legs, jiggling eyes and swaying antennas. It brilliantly illustrates how radiant energy from the sun can be transformed into electrical energy by a PV cell. The Solar Powered Grasshopper is perfect for science fair demonstrations, classroom discussions or just for fun. It’s a simple way to experience and appreciate solar energy first hand.

OWI Super Solar Recycler5. OWI Super Solar Recycler

Want to go green by encouraging recycling and embracing renewable energy? The OWI Super Solar Recycler robot kit is for you. Every part essential for movement and solar energy transformation is provided, but you have to repurpose recyclable stuff on your own. Use cans, plastic bottles or old CD’s to form solar powered walking robot, yacht, flying bird, street roller or a CD racer. It’s truly a fantastic solar robot kit!

OWI Solar System Solar Power Kit6. OWI Solar System Solar Power Kit

By using the power of the sun, you can make these planets’ replicas revolve around its own solar-powered sun! The OWI Solar System Solar Power Kit encourages interest in astronomy, solar power and even arts – you have to cut molded plastic pieces from plastic sheets and paint the planets on your own by using 6 colors that can be blended to resemble their real-life counterparts. A color table to help in paint blending is available. Once your solar system is painted, dried and assembled, you can take it outside and let the direct sunlight show you how they rotate. But please take note that the planet size, moving speed and distance is not exactly proportional to those of the planets in the Solar System.

So, have you decided what solar robot kit to get for your curious kid? Don’t forget to check out solar robot kit reviews made by users and look for amazing solar robot kit deals you can get.