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Young and adult kids alike will enjoy playing and learning with this advanced builder robotic building kit by tinkerbots. Build your own remotely controlled racing car, elaborate machines or a robotic pet that follows you around! only your imagination is the limit to what kind of robots you can build with tinkerbots. You can even combine tinkerbots with existing Lego or megabloks bricks you might already have at home. Bring your robots to life with this new robotic building kit! your robots can be remotely controlled with an app on your smartphone, programmed using Arduino programming language and taught movements by hand. So as to remotely control your robots you will need a smartphone or tablet supporting Bluetooth 4.0, Such as android 5.0+ Or IOS 7+. Our tinkerbots robot toys are all manufactured, assembled and shipped in Germany and they have been recognized with numerous awards, amongst which the CeBIT innovating award and the if design award. Your advanced builder set robotic toy will include: 1x power brain, 1x pivot, 1x twister, 1x motor, 4x wheeler, 6x axels, 6x cubie I, 6x cubie ii, 2x double cubie I, 2x double cubie ii, 10x prism cubie I, 14x prism cubie ii, 2x adapter-plates, 1x USB charger, 1x charging adapter, 1x USB cable, tinkerbots app.