The Components of Head Studs Kit And Their Utilization

The XOTIC 7200 material properties allow much higher tensile resistance compared to 8740 Chromoly head stubs. Premium standard inspection specifications guarantee never again to get a blown head gasket. Please see the tab below for the correct fit.

Maximum strategy

It was under creation to release the productivity of your car. The broad clamping power prevents the cylinder heads from being elevated.


Daily Duramax clamping forces are much superior to the clamping details.


36x Heads Studs, 36x Nuts, 36x Rocker Bolts Assembly Manual, etc. The black oxide finish protects from wear and tear. Hardened parallel washing machines make a constant load and precise torque readings.


The manual includes both descriptions and torque directives. Mazda Miata Headblock Kits for ARP 1.6 or 1.8 are in designation to minimize the head lifting or thread protection on your engine compartment for several vital reasons. The most stringent aerospace requirements are excess in any ARP headboard kit. Both collections have a parallel to each other hardened washers and aerospace nozzles. The bolts are made of 8,740 chromium-moly steel, an internal therapy temperature of 190,000 psi, and specific J-shaped rolls to make the bolt faster than other threads by 1000%.

Do I have to twist my bolts or stubble?

You should not have to do a re-torque if you obey the ARP installation instructions. However, if needed by the gasket manufacturer instructions, particularly if a fire ring is mounted, it may be necessary under some circumstances. ARP advises that a hot engine, not a re-torque.

Should I need my bolts or stubs with lube?

To ensure even, precise clamping load and prevent thread galling, we suggest using ARP Ultra-Torque lube. For stainless steel attachments, this is especially important. Usage of the lube below Boom head or surface of the nozzle and filets, except thread sealing.

May I use a lock or a thread locker in place of ARP Ultra-Torque for the mounting lube?

Maybe, yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. At the end of the block, some machine makers use the blue lock. Do NOT use headstocks or headstocks locks on the nozzles. Always check that your threads are clean before adding any lube. Make sure that the components are under assembling before the lock is healing with a wave. You can use Loctite, but not ARP Ultra-Torque together.

Is Ultra-Torque meant to be used?

We have created ARP Ultra-Torque and manufactured what we regard as the final fitting lubricant for two years. For every torque value, the Ultra-Torque is simple. There are no torque values combined with any other component lubricant attachment (such as motor oil, moly lubricant, etc.) that you are open to. Since its use can lead to a component or engine failure, we are not liable.

Is the bolt thread or bolt suitable for lubrication into the block?

Yes. Use a thin ARP Ultra-Torque lube on blind trough threads. In LBZ head studs, the block lines have to remove coolant and oil contaminants from stubs into a hull. A liberal ARP sealer quantity or a large thread screen.

ARP bolts and stubs are reusable?

 If thread galling or corrosion is in the show, it should be a replacement. Suppose one of these rod pins has been permanently applied and extended. For clarification regarding this important measurement, see page 29 of the catalog. You must replace 001″ or longer at once.

Have I mounted my studs in the block first?

Usually, the removal of grips is more superficial, the head joint is in place on the block, and after checking the fit of the flu in the league, it is easier to fit the fasteners. The potential to damage the top pins of the bag and scrap the cylinder hole is reducing.