Best Arduino Robot Kits for Adults

Arduino robot kit

Technology is advancing rapidly, with new things being invented day by day. The innovation in technology has helped us in many ways, making our lives easier and simpler. One such development is the invention of robots or electronic devices that operate as programmed for different uses. Arduino manufactures and designs microcontrollers and … Read more

Top Solar Robot Kits

Top Solar Robot Kits

A solar robot kit is a great gift idea for a science-loving kid. Not only would he get a techy item he would surely be interested in, but he would also have the chance to build it on his own with little or no tools and no batteries required. Plus, solar power … Read more

Best Robot Kits for Adults

best robot kits for adults

How would you like the idea of building a sophisticated and well-designed robot from scratch? And program it to do you’re your menial tasks for you? Need a drink while you’re watching Netflix but can’t be bothered to get up? Let your DIY robot do it for you. Or perhaps you could … Read more

Introduction to Arduino

introduction to arduino main

If you want to learn robotics and to create the best robot kits possible, it is essential to have knowledge of the Arduino circuit board. You will be most likely to use Arduino for your first-ever robot kit, as Arduino is the “brain” of the robot. You may have heard of Arduino … Read more

The Lego Mindstorms EV3

The current robot kit coming from the Lego Mindstorms line is the EV3. It is the third generation “intelligent brick” which came after the first RCX brick and then the NXT brick. The Lego Mindstorms EV3 was launched in two versions: the educational set was released on August 1, 2013 and the … Read more

Best Educational Robot Kits

The best robot kits not only provide fun but they also give an educational experience for users of all ages. For those who want to get involved in the STEM education, robot kits make for an excellent first step. It will provide an enriching experience for the user and will develop their … Read more

Robot Kits and Robotics — What Are They?

Robot kits are a great introduction if you want to enter the field of robotics, or are just interested to take them as a new hobby. They also serve as a great educational tool as well. Robot kits are special kits in constructing robots, specifically autonomous mobile robots, which are robots that … Read more

Top Robotic Kits for Beginners

Imagine owning a robot which runs on your handwritten commands. All you have to do is to come up with source code, write it, upload it to the board, and the robot will do the rest. As fascinating as that may sound, building a robot from scratch can be daunting for someone … Read more