Top Robot Controversies of All Time

Form optimizing logistics, conducting research, detecting fraud, providing translations, and more, intelligent machine systems, or more commonly known as robots, are transforming the lives of people for the better. As they become more capable, the world also becomes more efficient and richer. However, like many other things, robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) … Read more

The Future of Driverless Cars

self-driving cars in Russia

Driverless cars or self-driving cars are expected to revolutionize the transportation industry. Many people would also agree that driverless cars are the future. With the leaps and bounds made in the self-driving car industry recently, only a few people would be brave enough to disagree with the fact that these cars can … Read more

Best Netflix Shows on Robots

man and woman watching Netflix on TV

If you are a tech enthusiast, then watching an exciting show or movie that tries to explore deep into the technology with stunning storylines and visual effects is one of the best things you can do, right? This is true, especially if you love robots or rampaging AI, or if you have … Read more

Thoughts on the Coming Robotic Revolution

robot revolution

Imagine an industrious woman working in a nail factory. She lives pay check to pay check, just barely getting her and her children by. She works hard every day but is quite happy with her life. One day, this life of hers is dashed away, as she is let go because the … Read more

How AI is Transforming Education

How does the average student look like compared to the one from the 2000s? Could you remember how the students used to look like around 20 years ago? Probably, these were the strongest people on Earth as every day of their life they had to carry tons of stuff like books, notebooks, … Read more

Introduction to Robotics Technology

Introduction to Robotics Technology

For a very long time, humans dreamt about autonomous and compliant machines capable of carrying out difficult jobs. At the end of the twentieth century, that dream started translating into reality. Robots have proven themselves to be excellent substitutes for humans to perform repetitive tasks that do not require improvisational ability. There … Read more

The Future – Robots Powered by AI

The Future   Robots Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics are headed towards an inevitable marriage of the physical and the logical. As the technology for each advances the are slowly but surely becoming more interwoven into one other. Many think that “robotics” means AI as well but generally that hasn’t been the case.  Most robots are … Read more

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The term ‘Homo Sapiens’ itself is a pretty good indication that human beings are self-centredbecause it means ‘Wise Man’ in Latin.  It’s interesting that a mass of matter that has somehow come to understand, perceive, predict, manipulate the world around it and call itself “wise”.    The question now is when will a … Read more