Robot Kit Reviews – Four Powerful Kits

There is no doubt that robots will be the way of the future and the more you learn today the better prepared you are for tomorrow. If you are looking to take a deep dive into robotics, check out these four kits.  You can build a lot of experience and have some fun as well if you can learn get a robot to perform simple tasks by learning to construct them yourself. It may appear that building a robot requires a lot of technical skill and study but with the proper kit, that’s not the case.

There are kits that will guide you on building robots even if you don’t have much knowledge about robotics or programming. If you like to build things as a hobby or you are just looking for project ideas to get creative check out these robot kits. They offer a great learning experience because they will help you understand the basic principles used in building robots.

Ozobot Starter PackOzobot Starter Pack

The Ozobot Starter pack is an easy and simple to use robot kit; it is mostly recommended for those who are new to the field of robotics. The maker of this kit has a good reputation as they were the winner of the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015. With this kit, you can learn about programming, which also lets you enjoy building a robot. The Ozobot can be controlled with markers by programming it to follow lines.

Meccano-Erector – Super Construction SetMeccano-Erector – Super Construction Set

The Meccano-Erector kit lets you build up to 25 motorized robots of different kinds, making it a good starter robot kit for hobbyists. This kit is great for use for both adults and teens because it is very simple to construct and also helps you get a good understanding of how to construct motorized robot vehicles. The Meccano-Erector kit lets you build a motorized crane with features such as an extendable hook of the robot and a powerful motor that allows you control the crane. The kit consists of over 620 real parts with which you can build up to 25 different robots by using only two tools provided along the package. There is a plastic case that comes with the kit which you can use to carry the parts to ensure they don’t get lost. The kit also comes with an instruction manual that provides a step-by-step guide on how to construct the robots.

4M Table Top Robot4M Table Top Robot

The focus of this robot kit is on building a robotic crab. After the robotic crab is assembled, it will be able to move around the table by itself. With the help of its sensors, it can detect if an obstacle is in its path and change direction. Apart from moving on the table, it can also perform various tricks. The kit doesn’t require any programming, and therefore, it is best for those who need a basic understanding of robots. The package comes with all the detailed instructions along with the parts for building a robot.

Elegoo UNO Project Smart Robot Car KitElegoo UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit

This Elegoo UNO Robot Kit is a more advanced robot kit that improves your understanding of robots. The kit comes with all the parts and step-by-step instructions needed to build a robot car of your own. Though it appears complicated, it is very simple to build and incorporate interesting features into the robot. The package has a CD that provides a good tutorial which helps you understand the working principles behind the robot car. When the car is assembled, it will have an ultrasonic sensor that can detect whenever it approaches an obstacle and diverts from it. With its line tracking capabilities, the robot’s motion can be guided by drawing lines on the floor. The car can also be controlled by using the IR remote that comes with the kit. In addition, an app also comes with the CD, which can be installed on your phone to control it via the Bluetooth on your mobile device.

Kuman Sm5 Th Wireless Wifi Robot Car KitKuman Sm5 Th Wireless Wifi Robot Car Kit

This robot kit is an ideal choice for those hobbyists who would like to learn the basics of programming and building robots. With the parts of this kit, you can either construct a robot tank or a car running on five wheels. When the robot is assembled, it would weigh just only 2kg which is a lightweight. The kit has different modules you can program using the Arduino microcontroller.

If you cannot afford a robot yet, then you can start by little. By having the right hobby robotic kits at your disposal, this will enable you to modify easily, repair, as well as assemble any robotic parts that develop faults and be an engineer in your right.

Robotics has come to stay, and the kits listed above were chosen to provide hobby enthusiasts a glimpse into the world of robotic technology.