PS4 Games Lunches in 2020 You Need to Play

The year 2020 promises to be a great one for gamers, with the probable arrival of the new generation of console. But the current machines are not dead, far from it, as this selection of the best PS4 games of the moment proves! Prepare for exceptional adventures as a samurai, an augmented human, the legendary Cloud Strife, or a pro soccer player. Discover the best PS4 games lunches in 2020, which will accompany you for long gaming sessions.

The best PS4 games lunches in 2020:

1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Expected for over 15 years, the fruit of all the wildest rumors, the most popular remake of Final Fantasy around the world – the seventh episode – is finally here and the good news is that it does not disappoint!

Square Enix has worked to deliver a game that is as beautiful as it is dynamic, with environments that allow you to revisit/discover certain areas of the cyberpunk city of the title and fights that take the style of the last Final Fantasy, abandoning the turn-based for live games in which you control all the characters as you see fit. The controller in hand, the result is fantastic!

Among the novelties, the voices which were absent from the original game and which reinforce the immersion and the music, with the classic themes revisited in a very beautiful way.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

To say the wait around Red Dead Redemption 2 was high is an understatement. The sequel to Red Dead Redemption released in 2010 took exactly 8 years to reach us, the time that Rockstar polishes his baby. Was the wait worth the candle: yes, a thousand times yes!

In the second opus already renamed RDR2 by the players, you will find John Marston, the now-famous cowboy that you played in the first title of the franchise. Without revealing anything about the scenario, know that you will find the Western atmosphere that characterizes the title. It’s simple, from the bars of Blackwater to the arid or snowy plains you will ride on, to the many, many regions you will travel through in this Open World; you will get a one-way ticket to the Wild West with this game!

Graphically, first of all, it’s a visual slap like we rarely get. It’s not just beautiful, it’s gorgeous. The level of detail achieved is simply breathtaking, and it is certainly the best looking PS4 game around. The example of the testicles of horses, which shrink when it is cold, gives you an idea of ​​the attention that has been given to Red Dead Redemption 2. Nothing is left to chance and each new area we cross. Leaves us speechless.

3. Borderlands 3

Borderlands is the title of a series of totally crazy FPS that have delighted gamers for 10 years and the release of the first episode. A second brilliant opus followed, and a slightly less convincing sequel.

Borderlands 3 takes the same game system as the previous opus, giving pride of place to nervous shooting phases and the recovery of objects to boost its inventory and abilities. The more we advance in the missions and the more enemies we kill, the more experience points and various items we gain, which makes us gain power. It’s enjoyable!

4. FIFA 20

The most played football game on the PS4 returns with its 2020 version and this FIFA 20 is not stingy in novelty, for an even more realistic result. You will find the classic modes, to develop your team over several seasons to win all the trophies or compete against other players online.

5. Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The best-selling game series of the decade, the Call of Duty saga and its ultra-gripping single-player and multiplayer military operations returns with one of the most beloved episodes: Modern Warfare!

In this FPS, which relies on photo-realistic graphics to immerse the player in the heart of the action, you play as Special Forces agents who must carry out missions in today’s world. The strength of the game is to make you experience contemporary conflicts – in London, in the Middle East, in a fictitious country reminiscent of Syria, and if violence is present, it is possible to turn off the shocking scenes, to make the title accessible to the youngest.

A few more distinguished names include:

  • Just Cause 4
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  • Control
  • Monster Hunter World Iceborne