How Can You Use The Male Hemp Flower Plant From Your Garden?

Hemp is widely used in the production of CBD products, which come with a plethora of health benefits. However, while growing the Hemp, male flowers or plants are often discarded to avoid pollination. These plants do not have the best relationship with growers.

But truth be told, these males have just been made the villain for no reason. There are a lot of different uses of the male Hemp that will stop you from throwing them away the next time you see them in your garden.

Male Vs. Female Hemp Flower

Before learning about the uses of make hemp, let us know the difference between the female and male Hemp and how you can find them in a plant. The growers can easily identify the male from female in around six to seven weeks of growth. To know about the difference between male and female plants, check this link.

The identification is very easy; all you need to do is look at the nodes of the branches. In the case of males, there will be small pollen sacs at the nodes, whereas in the case of females, there will be hair-like growth. It is important to note that a lot of Cannabis plants are hermaphrodites, which means that they produce both male and female sex organs.

The unfertilized female plants are the ones that are used in making CBD. However, if the males are kept near them, they get pollinated, which means that the quality of THC found in the buds is less. Hence the growers seem to discard these plants without giving it a second thought.

The Uses Of Male Hemp In Your Life

The Uses Of Male Hemp In Your LifeEven though the males are not very useful for the growers, some additional uses will make you keep these parts and not throw them away. These uses include:

Juice and Food

The hemp plant has high nutritional value. The male parts will have the same amount of CBD as the females without the THC. Hence they will have some amazing effects on your body without the psychoactive.

The leaves can be used to produce juice and also be added to other food products. Just make sure not to juice the thicker stems and bigger leaves to avoid the bitter taste. Find more about the uses of Hemp here:,bioplastics%2C%20insulation%2C%20and%20biofuel.


Since most of the plants will be hermaphrodite, the pollination with the same plant will lead to strong genetics. This means that the offspring produced will be as potent as the parents. This is the reason that males of the same plant should be used for breeding.

The potent males can also be used for breeding other females and creating new strains. The males will provide 50% genetic material, which means that if the male plant has good DNA, your crop will produce better offspring, and the strain will be of much better quality.


The male hemp fibers are much softer than their female counterparts, and hence they can be used to make finer clothes. They also have a higher percentage of fiber that can be extracted and used in making cloth. The flexible and high resistant fiber is used for making cloth for towels and bed linens, which is not possible for the female plants whose fiber is rougher and used for making mats and canvas.

Defense Against Insects and Pests

These can be used to make repellents and pesticides. One of the easiest ways to keep your vegetables away from the pests is to place some Cannabis leaves around them. They also have antimicrobial properties, which makes them good germ repellents.

These plants have been used as companion plants alongside other crops to reduce the growth of weeds and ward off pests such as caterpillars, beetles and fungus in various crops.

So, to take the maximum benefits from the male and female Cannabis plants, it is best to grow them side by side but keep enough distance between them. You can also gain additional info on growing hemp plants and use them in your garden or fields.

Do Not Throw Out The Male Hemp Just Like That

It is safe to say that you should not discard all the male parts as soon as you see them on the plant. They can give you numerous business opportunities if used smartly. Use them to your advantage rather than treating them as some unwanted weeds and then you can reap the benefits and enjoy great options like and more.