Crenova Arduino Robot Car Kit

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0/5 on January 6, 2017

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4WD L298N Bluetooth multi-function smart car Arduino Intelligent Robotics kit

Introduction :

Bluetooth utility vehicles are self-propelled vehicle upgraded version , the upgrade reflects the multi- part section of the Android phone’s Bluetooth control .

Bluetooth utility vehicle a microcontroller learning application development system , is easy to Division 4 team drove carefully crafted system to arduino microcontroller family atmega-328p as the core, the completion of the hunt , obstacle avoidance , remote control functions , the package contains a lot of fun procedures , and extended external circuit module , thereby increasing the car ‘s functionality. Designed to give the user in learning ARDUINO microcontroller can from boring theoretical knowledge, the ability to acquire SCM system developed in the play .

2 parameters:

1 reduction ratio of 1:48 gear motor drive voltage 6V.

2 control motor selection L298N driver module, microcontroller real isolation .

3 Three groups hunt module detects black and white lines , higher accuracy, can also be used with anti- drop control .

4 Infrared remote communication module , consisting of smart car remote control system,

5 Bluetooth wireless communication module, short-range wireless remote control,

6 with economic and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries and chargers, car power of mind.

Car length of 23mm, width 12mm, can access the external voltage 7 ~ 12V . And can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules to achieve a variety of functions , depending on your imagination