Artificial Intelligence Book Review

A network depicting AI

One of the biggest phenomena of the 21st century is Artificial Intelligence. Robots and machines are becoming outdated while advanced automated intelligent systems are becoming more relevant to the current times. As a matter of fact, AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Advancement are the three pillars of our future. While most people … Read more

Who was Isaac Asimov and Why Was He Important to Robotics?

Isaac Asimov portrait

In the realm of science fiction, there are always two names that will come up in fans’ minds when they are asked who the greatest sci-fi writers of all time are, and these names are Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. Isaac Asimov is widely regarded as one of the most important … Read more

What is a Servo Motor?

basic servo motor

In order for a machine to work properly, it would need specific parts that are designed to give it movement by communicating with other parts to move in a uniform manner. One of those specific parts is the servo motor, which acts as an actuator that controls the angular and linear movements … Read more

What is an Actuator?

Machines consist of dozens or hundreds of different parts that serve different purposes, but one of the most important parts that every machine should have is the actuator. Without the actuator, the other parts of a robot or a machine would basically be useless. So, what does an actuator do? And why … Read more

What is a Robot Umpire?

robot pointing a finger

Being a referee and umpire is considered two of the most challenging jobs in the world, especially if you are officiating an important game in basketball, soccer, and any other sport that requires umpires and referees. In crucial games or series like the NBA Finals and the FIFA World Cup, one mistake … Read more

Introduction to Boston Dynamics

BigDog robots being tested

Within the robotics industry, there are only a few companies that are as focused and as dedicated to making innovative and high-quality robots like Boston Dynamics. Founded in 1992 in Waltham, Massachusetts, Boston Dynamics was created by electrical engineering expert Marc Raibert, who dreamed of producing advanced bipedal and quadrupedal robots that … Read more

Introduction to iRobot

robot vacuum

There have been many robotics companies that have emerged throughout the years, but one that has stayed for a long time is iRobot, a business founded in 1990 by three members of the Massachusetts Institution of Technology’s (MIT) Artificial Intelligence Lab. What makes iRobot unique is that they primarily focus on home … Read more

What are the Benefits of Teaching Robotics to Students?

small toy robot

When it comes to fun subjects and topics to learn in school, there are arguably only a few that are as enjoyable and exciting as robotics. This particular subject teaches kids how to build simple and complex robot kits that can move on their own or can be controlled using a remote … Read more

Top Robot Controversies of All Time

Form optimizing logistics, conducting research, detecting fraud, providing translations, and more, intelligent machine systems, or more commonly known as robots, are transforming the lives of people for the better. As they become more capable, the world also becomes more efficient and richer. However, like many other things, robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) … Read more

I, Robot: Full Movie Review

I, Robot movie review

There are various movies out there which stories revolve around robots. One of the most popular is I, Robot. It is a 2004 sci-fi action film directed by Alex Proyas. It is from a screen story by Vintar, which was based on his screenplay called Hardwired, and also suggested by the 1950 … Read more