Introducing Root rt1 iRobot Coding Robot

computer chip found inside robot kits

Out of the thousands of robot kits that are designed to be built, programmed, and played by kids, there are only a handful of kits that are considered the best of the best when it comes to quality, features, and enjoyment. One of these great kits is the Root rt1, a small … Read more

Introducing Codey Rocky – the Programmable Robot

circuit board for programming robots

There are already hundreds of different robot kits that are made for children. However, only a few kits and toys on robotics are considered as the best in the market, and one of those kits is Codey Rocky, a small and simple robot that is designed and produced by Makeblock, a Chinese … Read more

Fun with Hexbug Robots

an orange hexbug scorpion robot

Hexbug, a brand of toy automatons, entered the toy industry in 2007. Their goal was to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age. Not just kids but also the adults were drawn to the realistic bug-like attributes of their micro robotic creatures. Now, they have more than 100 varieties, … Read more

Fun with Sphero Robot Balls

Sphero Mini app-enabled programmable robot ball

If you are into cool and innovative toys and robots, then you should check out the Sphero Robot Balls. Sphero makes some of the best programmable robots and STEAM-based educational tools that provide both kids and adults a whole new experience when it comes to being creative and innovative. It helps through … Read more

KOOKYE Robot Smart Car Platform Metal Stainless Steel Chassis Speed Encoder Motor 9V with Crawler for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY

KOOKYE Robot Smart Car Platform Metal Stainless Steel Chassis Speed Encoder Motor 9V with Crawler for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY

Product Description Installation Instructions Tutorial: Application Tutorial: Common Combinations: Robot Car + ESP8266 ESP-12E NodeMcu Lua WiFi Board Module + L293D Motor Drive xpansion Shield Board (Buy from Robot Car + Smart Robot Car Sensor Modules Kit (Buy from Specification: Dimension of the chassis: 7.9 x 6 inch Dimension of … Read more

Amazing Toys Greenex Eco-Energy City Interactive Science Learning Kit

Amazing Toys Greenex Eco Energy City Interactive Science Learning Kit

Product Description Explore different types of renewable Eco-Energy from SOLAR or GENERATOR with the Eco-Energy City. Ideal for the eco-friendly builder who can now build and create their own 3D construction with 4 multi-construction projects. This city will store its own energy with Solar or Generator to operate the LED lamp, windmill, … Read more

Amazing Toys Connex 54 Experiment Super Scientific Set

Amazing Toys Connex 54 Experiment Super Scientific Set

Product Description Have an amazing connection experience with the build-it-yourself EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC set. Engineer challenging, fun games with your friends from 54 different, science activities. Some of the ultimate challenges include: Amazing flying disk, Maze challenge, Turbo air mini vacuum, Turbo air blowing bubbles, Turbo air floating ball, Amazing color filter and … Read more

Star Wars – Hero Droid BB-8 – Fully Interactive Droid

Star Wars – Hero Droid BB 8 – Fully Interactive Droid

Product Description Bring home a beloved and iconic Star Wars character with Hero Droid BB-8! This interactive droid stands at a lifelike scale of 16 inches tall (19 inches with antenna). It moves smoothly and is capable of realistic interactions – just like in the film! Set Hero Droid BB-8 to Follow … Read more