Introducing Robotic Lawn Mowers

From smart TVs, voice-automated lights, robot vacuums to robotic lawn mowers, we can see that we are really living in the future. Newer technologies are being developed so that we won’t need to struggle and toil for mundane household chores. Per year, an average American household spends around 70 hours for lawn … Read more

Introduction to Home Security Robots

Introduction to Home Security Robots

During this time of increasing shift to smart home devices, home security keeps getting techier and techier, too. If traditional home security systems, which are monitored by real people day and night, is getting expensive for you, home security robots can provide a cheaper option. These robotic monitoring devices combine sensors, motion detectors … Read more

Review of the Grillbot Automatic Grill Scrubber

Everybody enjoys a great, home-grilled barbeque (except vegetarians, of course). Whether you’re grilling for a family reunion, get-together with friends, holiday celebration, a simple dinner, grilled foods never fail to satisfy tummies and taste buds. But after the party is done and everyone’s full, no one enjoys cleaning that grill afterward. Here’s … Read more

The Best Robot Mops

Yes, robot mops are a thing now. Robot vacuums might be more popular, but it takes a slightly more advanced system for a technology to do wet cleaning than dry suction. However, robot vacuum features like smart navigation and scheduling is not yet available with robot mops, since their development is still … Read more