Alternatives to Lego Mindstorms Kits

The Lego Mindstorms robot kits are considered by many robotics enthusiasts as the best robot kits or top rated robot kits ever. One of the reasons, of course, is the established Lego name. Aside from that, other reasons include the Lego products’ availability in most parts of the world, the excellent customer support and the high-quality kits that can be also programmable and customizable.

But the Lego Mindstorms kits are also expensive. That’s why many enthusiasts are looking for alternatives that can pretty much match the features of the Mindstorms products. Alternately, some people do not see any need or use for some of the Mindstorms’ functionalities. There are many robot kits that can be built into a wide range of different robots, so that’s a lot of robots for the price of one — a bang for the buck indeed!

Here are some of the great alternatives to the Lego Mindstorms robot kits

1. Cubelets


Cubelets, it seems, have risen in popularity. Each of the six building blocks has its own functionality. When you assemble the cubes, you can make the resulting robot do all kinds of things — from flashing a light to avoiding falling off a table, depending on the environment it senses. Cubelets make a fun introduction to robotics. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing and at the same time learning the basics of robotics.

2. Atoms kits

Atoms Kits

Atoms has its own starter sets and they come in many varieties — Pascal the sweeper, Bunsen the clownish robot, the ATOMagic Wave Wand which makes things pop and glow with light, and the ATOMagic Popper Prankster Set which moves good-natured pranking to a higher level. You can also download the Atoms app to make its creations come to life. It also enables the user to incorporate their existing toys (like Lego pieces) into the Atom robot kits to enhance their playing and learning experience.

3. Makeblock mBot Ranger


Makeblock has a wide range of robot kits available at comparatively affordable prices. Their robot kits are designed to function as a flexible and versatile structure, and this is great because Makeblock’s products enable the user to create and design different types of robots to one’s liking.

4. ROBOTIS OLLO Explorer Kit


This programmable robot kit can be made into 12 different robots. It is absolutely recommended for beginners who have little or no previous knowledge in robotics and/or programming. This kit has everything that beginners need to learn about robots and coding, but it is also great for advanced users as well.

5. Bioloid


This comprehensive modular toy kit, also by ROBOTIS, can be made into several different robots. You can tell taht ROBOTIS wants to provide robot kit’s with amazing flexibility and versatility.